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The bPro Counter Scale is the scale you need at an affordable price. Packed with professional features, bPro will exceed performance expectations without straining your budget. METTLER TOLEDO understands the complexities of the retail business.

That’s why they created bPro, a scale that you can choose today with the confidence of knowing that it will perform well for many years.

When you purchase a bPro you will be able to make it easier for your employees to do their jobs, market to your customers in new and innovative ways, and minimize operational costs while saving money on every transaction. All for an affordable price.

Mettler Toledo bPro Counter Scale Features

  • Easy to change labels and adjust product information
  • Boost Profits with precise, high resolution tare values
  • Enhanced Marketing with bPro’s graphic customer display
  • Patented “Light Touch” Keyboard
  • Item Management Software
  • Prints Labels or Receipts
  • Graphical Customer Display
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Transitioning to a new, more capable counter scale has never been easier — or more affordable. METTLER TOLEDO’s Impact M is the most advanced counter scale in its class. It offers the accuracy, easy operation and rugged construction you need for years of worry-free use — even in the busiest Fresh departments.

From its precise weighing technology and large label roll, to the high-resolution label graphics and full-color, state-of-the-art touch user interface (the largest in its class), the Impact M delivers unprecedented long-term value. Best of all, the Impact M integrates smoothly with most existing scale networks, and is supported by METTLER TOLEDO’s intelligent device management tools.

Mettler Toledo Impact M Counter Scale Features

  • Multi-interval weighing saves several cents on every tare-based transaction – saving thousands of dollars per year with each scale.
  • The modern, easy-to-use 10.4-inch color interface enhances staff productivity through easy access to thousands of preset PLUs, along with direct entry of PLUs for fast retrieval.
  • Share more information at the counter and drive sales with a large customer display capable of presenting images, frequent shopping prices, store brand promotions, and other information.
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The Impact S Counter Scale, Fully-featured, Value Priced! The Impact S programmable network scale features an easy-to-use touchscreen/tactile keyboard combination. From the multi-interval load cell and state-of-the art user interface to the large label roll and hi-resolution label graphics, the Impact S is designed to deliver unprecedented value.

The printer accepts a large 6” label roll, which leads to changing labels less often and allowing more time for customer service. The intuitive user interface also increases customer service time, while uptime is increased with remote services, which enables many service issues to be resolved remotely.

Mettler Toledo Impact S Counter Scale Features

  • Operator-friendly touchscreen
  • Large label capacity
  • Multi-interval weighing reduces tare payouts by over $2k per scale/year
  • Graphics on customer display and labels promotes your brand
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TheFlexibility is the key: the checkout VIVA scale is versatile – from classic weighing at checkout and weighing portions and ingredients to a checkweigher in your fruit and vegetables department.

The checkout scale VIVA can easily be combined with checkout applications of most cash register systems as well as with many other PC applications that require weight control.

Mettler Toledo Viva Checkout Scale Features

  • Simple Integration
  • Portion Control
  • Durable checkweight
  • Simple handling
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The METTLER TOLEDO® StepSaver® systems are economical, easy to use, and are designed for operator efficiency and improved productivity. Select the controller that is best for your operation.

Select the Impact M with a color touchscreen and built-in printer, or Impact S and bPro with a tactile keyboards and built-in printers. On all systems, enter the Price Look Up (PLU) number, place the product on the platter (which doubles as the wrapping platform ),and wrap and seal the product. The label automatically prints and can then be applied to the package. Operators quickly become experts on this system.

Mettler Toledo StepSaver® System Features

  • Easy-to-Use
  • Easy to load film
  • Different configurations are available
  • Compact Profile – Small Footprint
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Up to three rolls of file, 20″ Wide
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