Together, AM/PM and Squirrel POS Software can fit your hospitality vision, no matter how unique that may be.

Squirrel POS, designed for hospitality by hospitality, will be at the heart of your operations by providing all the crucial capabilities to drive success at your restaurant. Squirrel is available with AM/PM exclusively in the province of Quebec.

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Squirrel POS is available exclusively in the Canadian province of Quebec only.

A Future-Proof Restaurant POS

Squirrel POS has delivered leading POS innovation since 1984

Squirrel POS elevates your guest experience by giving you the tools to better manage, market, and run your restaurant operations. Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, Squirrel is the reliable system trusted to help restaurants find success. From loyalty to inventory management, contactless payment to staff scheduling - Squirrel makes running a restaurant easier.

Squirrel POS + Kitchen Automation

Operate your kitchen more effi ciently

With Squirrel POS, you can streamline your orders with a new kitchen display and automation system. Easily manage every order that comes into the kitchen as it paces each item for optimal prep station operation. With Kitchen Automation, gain a better understanding into how your kitchen performs, capturing production and speed data to further improve operations and guest service. Call extra attention to an item, it’s order details and status by adjusting it’s formatting options from a range colours and fonts to make it stand out.

  • Route at the item and order levels
  • Display average cook times at prep stations
  • Display average order times at pack stations.

Ready to increase efficiency in your restaurant business?

From the front-of-house to the kitchen and offi ce, AM/PM and Squirrel POS bring together the right ingredients to run your restaurant operations successfully.


  • Tableside Ordering
  • Online Ordering
  • Delivery Options
  • Takeout Options
  • Contactless Payment
  • Loyalty & Gift Cards


  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Online Ordering
  • Kitchen Automation
  • Accounting
  • Menu Management
  • Labour & Scheduling

Powerful Squirrel POS Features Designed for Hospitality

Keep up with, and exceed, the demands of your restaurant guests with AM/PM Systems and Squirrel POS

Table Management

Manage tables, waitlists, and reservations

  • Track your wait times and notify guests via text message when tables are ready
  • Customizable, user-friendly interface allows you create your restaurants seating arrangements, manage waitlists and take reservations.
  • Build reservation inventories for basic availability or for specific days, day parts, seating areas, and special events.
  • Gather critical operational, production, and guest data from all aspects of your dining experience.

Contactless, Tableside and Online Ordering

Accept payment, no matter how customers decide to order.

  • Tableside ordering with a mobile device, such as a tablet, enables servers to spend more time with guests contributing to higher revenue and faster table turnover.
  • Edit menus on the fly and manage promotions via your handheld mobile device.
  • Payments for orders can be accepted online to go directly through the processor configured within Squirrel POS.
  • No matter how your customer’s choose to pay, Squirrel POS supports and seamlessly integrates with multiple ordering channels including mobile, kiosk, online, suites and catering.
  • Flexible payment processing options that reduce your liability and keep your customer data safe.

Delivery & Takeout Functionality

Stay current with the latest online food delivery services

  • Expand your restaurants reach and provide additional convenience for customers.
  • Squirrel software seamlessly integrates with 3rd party delivery apps and online services for your convenience.
  • Squirrel POS consolidates orders from your multiple ordering channels and passes them to the kitchen for preparation. Once prepared, it notifies to be packaged for pickup or delivery seamlessly.
  • Communicate the order status and readiness via text to quickly update guests on the status of their orders.
  • Enable take-out or curbside pickup with the ability to integrate with your loyalty program for ease of communication.

Loyalty Programs & In-House Gift Cards

Powerful. Accurate. Wireless. Inventory counting made easy.

  • Manage gift cards directly from the POS terminal within your store
  • Establish a direct relationship with your customers and create incentives or rewards for repeat business to improve your bottom line
  • Pay no transaction fees
  • Create and track customer profiles and link existing customers to your database to speed up order-taking over the phone
  • Create a range of marketing promotions to drive business to your restaurant

Robust Back-Office Features

Providing the right insights to make the best business decisions

  • 100+ built-in reports that include sales and product mix, transaction and tips, and employee sales and performance
  • Easily access insights anytime, anywhere you want to run your business
  • Scalable enabling you to consolidate reporting from all your restaurants.
  • Communicate the order status and readiness via text to quickly update guests on the status of their orders.
  • For multi-location restaurants, Squirrel offers a cloud-based reporting and management system that provide dashboards, alerts and tools to help you make proactive, business-savvy decisions.

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