Store Dynamics Small Retail POS Software

Store Dynamics POS is a complete turnkey retail solution designed to be easy to use, loaded with features and very affordable. Installed on the industry’s leading POS hardware manufacturers, makes Store Dynamics POS the most robust, reliable and proven retail solution in the marketplace today. Customizable and fully supported by AM/PM Service®, sales consultants are available to tell you more about Store Dynamics and how it can help your business.

Store Dynamics POS


LOC Software Store Management Suite (SMS) Retail, Fuel and Grocery POS Software

SMS Point of Sale provides the security demanded by the industry, and the flexibility required by its merchants. Certified with both PCI and VISA security standards, SMS POS ensures compliance and provides peace of mind. Combined with a fully customizable touch-based interface, the system easily integrates into existing store processes and procedures.

Security and usability are just the surface. SMS POS provides superior data handling by design. The foundation is rooted in solid, proven industry standards. As a client to Microsoft SQL, SMS provides undeniable reliability, a robust feature set, and speed. POS lanes are capable of operating even when the network or server is down, providing worry-free transactions processing.

The features merchants expect are built in. The true magic behind SMS is the seamless integration of features others only dream of. Register today to learn more.

LOC Store Management Suite (SMS) delivers retail management tools designed for food store merchants. The application suite is designed for single or multi-store chain environments, and includes fully integrated modules like: point of sale, inventory control, loyalty programs and more.

Putting technology to work in food stores has never been easier. Now one seamless suite of applications can manage the seemingly endless sea of industry acronyms and jargon. From DSD, GS1, PCI, and WIC to digital signage, mobile POS, price optimization, and self-checkout, SMS tools protect investments today and prepare merchants for tomorrow.

The features merchants expect are built in. The true magic behind SMS is the seamless integration of features others only dream of.

NCR ISS45 Grocery POS Software

Number one in market share among wholesaler-served independents and small grocery chains in the United States, the lightning-quick NCR ISS45 is competitively priced and is the only PoS system dedicated exclusively to the independents. It is a system-based, customizable solution that combines a wide range of features to meet the ever changing service-oriented, cost-conscious grocery environment.

The ISS45 system’s powerful transaction-processing architecture is not only optimized for the extreme performance needs of the supermarket business, it’s also economically scaled for stores of widely different sizes and types. Its modular design lets you custom-configure each terminal to maximize available space and throughput requirements. And its built-in combination of supermarket and general merchandise features enables you to use a variety of store formats and integrate them into a single, seamless system.

NCR ISS45 makes it a lot nicer to shop in your store. Its ability to move shoppers through checkout lanes with unmatched speed, combined with exceptional shopper service features will advance your customers’ perceptions of your store. The possibilities for increasing shopper satisfaction and loyalty – and your resulting profits – are virtually endless.

Features and Benefits

  • An open design and total reliance on industry standards enables retailers to leverage previous system investments and take full advantage of emerging technologies
  • Delivers a full complement of features and applications that make it an ideal turnkey solution that’s virtually unlimited in its potential for customization
  • Provides a lightning-quick performance plus the data security you need for mission-critical retail applications