Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) is a modern system and tool for communicating, managing, and optimizing price and product information on the retail floor.

The Pricer ESL System is an electronic pricing and information system that replaces the conventional paper labels with electronic shelf labels (ESLs). These labels allow prices to be changed from a computer.  The Pricer ESL System is primarily used to electronically display price information on store shelves.

The system consists of a communication network that sends and receives information to and from the ESLs and devices using wireless infrared light (IR link). The network and the information is controlled and maintained by the Pricer server.

The server receives data from the back-office computer system and processes the data to present to the ESLs and then updates the ESLs and devices. The Pricer Server acts as a subordinate to the back office system. The data that the ESL’s and devices receive is determined by the customer requirements.

A computerized price information system provides flexible, fast and simple price updates in the store. Eliminating manual price changes can save a lot of time.

Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels


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