Retail P.O.S. Solutions

AM/PM Service®, is one of North America’s largest independent Point of Sale Providers, offering complete P.O.S. Solutions in hardware, software, installation, training and support. With a wide range of P.O.S. products,  AM/PM Service® provides the flexibility and options that our customers desires, supporting the following industries:

  • Retail              
  • Grocery Stores           
  • Convenience Stores
  • Butcher Shops           
  • Pet Stores      
  • Liquor Stores             
  • Nursery Landscape
  • Spa/salon       
  • Clothing
  • Wineries
  • Pharmacy
  • Home hardware
  • Amusement Parks/ Play Centers
  • And more…

From large chain operations to independent “mom & pops” style stores, AM/PM Service® provides full service, proven and reliable solutions that help with inventory controls, manage multi-store locations, support customer loyalty programs, real time sales reports and much more.

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