Datalogic LaneHawk®

Product Recognition & Bottom Of Basket (BOB) Detection

LaneHawk® BOB is a loss-prevention solution that turns bottom-of-basket (BOB) losses into profits in real time.

What is LaneHawk®?

LaneHawk® BOB is a loss-prevention visual recognition system that identifies items without having to read the UPC code.

How does LaneHawk® Work?

  • A smart camera, the iLCU, is flush-mounted in the checkout lane, continuously watching for items.
  • When an item is detected its image is transmitted to the LaneHawk store controller.
  • LaneHawk®Controller uses advanced recognition technology to determine exactly which item (or multiple items) exist on the bottom-of-basket.
  • The UPC information for that item is provided to the POS terminal
  • Cashier is prompted to verify and accept the item into the order.
  • The cashier touches the screen to accept the item and completes the order normally.
  • The POS has entered the item in the order — there is no need for the cashier to scan the item manually.

Since LaneHawk®’s advanced recognition technology can identify items even from fragmented views, multiple items can be recognized in the same BOB shelf.

LaneHawk®is also “smart” enough to recognize an item’s brand or manufacturer from logos, packaging or partial views of an item. This information (for example, a Coca-Cola product) is provided to the cashier for action or verification. Similarly, there may be items that are covered or otherwise unrecognizable: LaneHawk®also pops up a notice to the cashier in these cases too.

Where is LaneHawk® Installed?

LaneHawk® has more than 10,000 lanes installed at such major grocery retailers as Kroger, SuperValu, Pathmark, A&P, Giant Eagle, Shoppers and Cub foods in the United States and a large Grocery retailer installed and supported in Canada by AM/PM Service.

lanehawkdiagramWhy LaneHawk®?

  • Bottom-of-Basket Shrink is expensive—multiple studies from industry organizations such as FMI demonstrate that losses from BOB are about $10 per lane per day, adding up to more than $50,000 per year in a typical store.
  • LaneHawk® stops almost all BOB loss—studies prove that LaneHawk® effectively stops 80%-90%of bottom-of-basket BOB loss.
  • LaneHawk® has great ROI—payback is only about 8 months, and it’s a low-cost investment in times when shopper and cashier fraud is at its worst.
  • LaneHawk® stops BOB before the loss—LaneHawk® prevents losses from taking place. In contrast, video security systems can be useful, but by the time the video is analyzed, the item and shopper are long gone, and the profits too.
  • LaneHawk® has been proved—this is not a new/untried solution: more than 3,500 major-chain stores use LaneHawk® to stop BOB in its tracks.
  • Stopping BOB is vital to loss-prevention—although some BOB loss may be unintentional, but shoppers “forget” to point out major BOB items. Since intention can’t be proved, it is impossible to limit or discourage this form of shoplifting.
  • BOB’s a sweetheart too—it’s just as tough to prove that cashiers sweetheart by letting items go out the door unpaid at the bottom of the basket.
  • Other “solutions” don’t work—time and time again, it’s been demonstrated that adding mirrors or personnel, increasing training or redesigning aisles and carts have no lasting effect or no effect at all — and sometimes even negative results.
LaneHawk Bottom-of-Basket Detection


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