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Third Party Professional Services

Third Party Professional Services

Are you looking for seamless deployment experience while you expand your grocery or restaurant business in Canada?
Do you require project management expertise to ensure a smooth transition?
Are you looking for a proven company to ensure your business opens on time?

AM/PM Service® is your Solution.

Built as a service company first, AM/PM is a trusted and reputable company that has grown to be one of Canada’s largest Independent Point of Sale Solutions Dealer. With a large foot print covering Coast to Coast in Canada and parts of the USA, AM/PM is fully equipped to execute your third party professional service needs. AM/PM specializes in but not limited to:

  • Point of Sale Deployment Services
  • Staging Services
  • Pinpad installations and deployment
  • Toll Free Call Center
  • Professional On-site technical support
  • Software Customizations
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Customizable Technical Support Contracts
  • ATM On-site repair
  • Self-Checkout Repair
  • Authorized Depot Repair Center
  • Serialized Parts tracking & more..

AM/PM is experienced in working with the following POS Brands

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