Hospitality industry’s leading food service POS system

Whether you are an independent restaurant or a national chain, Table Service, Quick Service, Fast Casual, Bar or Nightclub, the POSitouch Point of Sale (POS) system is the best system that can adapt to your way of doing business. POSitouch is a comprehensive POS system that is both powerful and flexible; the POSitouch system can help your operation be more efficient and profitable, because it’s faster, easier and smarter than any other POS system available today. Whether you use Touch Screen Terminals, Kiosks or Hand Held Terminals, the POSitouch solution is the most flexible and easiest to use and will adapt to any restaurant environment. A few key features are:

Inventory & Food Cost

  • Eliminate the guesswork and replace it with facts about product movement and cost of goods.
  • Track and control the raw materials that come into the restaurant,helping you serve up profits with each guest.
  • Accept electronic invoices
  • Upload purchase orders to suppliers
  • Track backordered items

Labor Management

  • Track time and attendance
  • Build and enforce schedules based on forecasts
  • Generate payroll reports
  • Validate employee clock in and out
  • Manage new hires, transfers and termination
  • Real-time sales and labor information management


  • Daily Sales Report
  • Week Sales Report
  • Sales Statistics
  • Category Sales Report
  • Item Sales Report
  • Discount Report
  • Coupon Report

Gift Cards & Loyalty

  • Choose your customized loyalty program
  • Entice customers with product or dollar rewards
  • Go cardless and attract guests with Text-to-Join
  • Search for guests at the POS by phone number
  • Drive traffic with automated email receipts
  • Easy for your staff
  • Fraud protection devices

Mobility Solutions

  • Wireless tablets and handheld devices can be used as full POSitouch terminals
  • POSiPortal allows management to access real time sales and labor information to actively manage the store when off site
  • Go cardless and attract guests with Text-to-Join
  • POSitouch offers wireless device based Pay at Table solutions that are both server managed and customer managed.
  • Drive traffic with automated email receipts

Open Systems

  • Choice of operating system
  • Choice of hardware platform
  • PC make and model
  • Touch screens
  • Ability to utilize third party applications
  • Choice of networking
  • Wireless handheld terminals
  • Biometrics
  • Peripherals


  • Intuitive screen design provides faster speed of service and throughput
  • Color touch screen application allows for easier training and menu flow
  • Driver dispatch and cash accountability
  • Delivery zone customization
  • Order timing – know who has what order and for how long

Credit card payments

  • Split dial and direct deposit functionality
  • Streamlines the management process and cash accountability and virtually eliminates tendering mistakes

PosiTouch Clients

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